Swinging Relationship: How It Works

What does the term “Swingers” mean?

Swingers are individuals or couples who engage in “swinging activities” or sexual parties with other people. It is a form of open relationship wherein one’s sexual inhibitions extend beyond the bedroom and go way past one’s committed partner.

It includes bouts of sexual activities with other partners who are willing to engage in such activity. Swingers could be couples who are married, in a committed relationship or practicing polyamory. The exchange is mainly for sexual purposes and not emotional.

Some couples find “swinging” or swapping partners exciting because it breaks the monotony in their relationship.

Carl and Leslie

We met Carl and Leslie during one of our social conventions. They chose to attend our symposium that was about “Unconventional Relationships”.

After the talk, wherein we approached our attendees, I had the chance to exchange words with the couple. Their cheerful aura and interesting insights got my attention and what was supposed to be a short chat got a bit extended.

They shared a story about one night wherein they attended a swinging party after a thorough discussion about it. After a few minutes in the event, Carl and Leslie decided to mingle with the other guests.

Carl chatted with another couple at the bar. He found the female half of the couple as attractive so he decided to invite the couple into their home.

That night, the two couples switched partners. Carl slept with the attractive woman while Leslie slept with the man they just met at the swingers’ party. Basically, that’s the mechanics of the game.

Carl and Leslie had been married for 5 years; while the other couple had been married for 7 years. They did not discuss their respective reasons for attending the event or why they wanted to try swapping partners.

They just went on with it without having to explain each other. For Carl and Leslie, they believed that it was a good way to break the monotony of their sex life.

“Swinging” requires a set of ground rules between couples to avoid irreversible conflicts.

Why Couples Engage in “Swinging Relationships”

When a couple agrees to engage in a swinging relationship, it is actually one way of altering their lifestyle.

It could be a weekend tradition or a regular habit that can add some spice and character to their relationship. It is much like infusing some excitement and non-monogamous touches to their usual routine.

Swinging requires consent from both parties and in all directions they choose to explore. According to Carl and Leslie, “swinging” allowed them to learn a lot about their sexual preferences and desires.

It enabled them to look forward to having sex with each other. And by sleeping with other people, they are able to explore their sexuality to a whole new level. It actually helps in making them a happy and more contented couple.

“Swinging” can be regarded as a lifestyle. It could be a weekend habit or a mutual agreement between swinging couples during a swingers party.

The Upside of “Swinging”

Swinging is a form of lifestyle for couples who are practicing it. It is a form of ethical non-monogamy wherein both partners consent to a non-monogamous set-up with predefined rules to maintain the health of their relationship.