What You Need to Know About Polyamory

What is Polyamory?

Polyamory also refers to consensual non-monogamy. Is is a term that describes having multiple intimate relationships such as sexual and romantic with the consent and knowledge of all the people involved.

Polyamory is also non-gender specific and defies the idea of exclusivity. This means that anyone can have multiple sexual, romantic or intimate partners of any gender identity.

Strong communication skills and honesty help people who are practicing polyamory in maintaining their relationships.

The primary reason is because they need to manage feelings of jealousy each time they arise. Openness also helps in clearly defining their boundaries.

Polyamory is popular among the LGBTQIA+ community. They consider polyamorous relationships as self-expression.

How Polyamorous Relationships Work

Polyamorous relationships are always based on consent. People who are into this kind of relationships practice openness with their partners about their other intimate and romantic dealings with other people.

Just like in open relationship, they can set specific schedules for each partner.

The challenges come from the fact that polyamory can take in various forms. They can be in the form of hierarchy wherein one partner serves as the primary partner or non-hierarchical wherein all parties involved have equal standing.

A person could also be in separate relationships with different partners or in a relationship in which all parties (or some of them) are also romantically-linked with each other.

Consent of all people involved is important in polyamorous relationships. They also have to agree who and who cannot take part in their relationship.

Pat and Richard

Pat and Richard come from the LGBTQ+ community. Pat is queer while Richard is bisexual. We met them during a counselling session wherein they admitted that they’ve been practicing polyamory for several years now.

Pat and Richard consider each other as primary partners. Pat shares sexual relationships with two other guys (Christian and Dexter) who are part of their circle.

Richard, on the other hand, is romantically involved with a girl named Justine (who’s also a bisexual) who happens to be Pat’s childhood friend and Dexter’s primary partner.

That makes a total of 5 people within their polyamorous circle. They have all agreed to keep it that way. However, they all have a say as to who they allow within their circle at any given time.

According to Richard, even though Pat is his primary partner, he could engage in romantic and sexual relations with others. In fact, being in a polyamorous relationship allows both of them to do so.

They can be intimate with others and that wouldn’t be a sign that there’s something wrong with them or with their relationship. It is just an opportunity for them and for all parties involved to increase the amount of love and pleasure that they get in their lives.