Our Team

We would like to introduce our team which consists of relationship specialists and marriage counselors.

Through the years, we’ve seen numerous couples who are undergoing challenges in their relationships. Our job was to help them find workable solutions to help them manage their situation while protecting the interests of both parties.

Our job and advocacy have opened our eyes to various relationship arrangements and modern set-ups that are out in the open nowadays. We have traced back some of them to find out that they have been existing for many years to centuries already.

However, it is only now that they are finally being discussed and brought out from the shadows. Some are already gaining some amount of public acceptance particularly among the LGBTQ+ community.

Along with the changing times, new relationship labels are being developed by millennial people.

Our Objective

Our objective is to define and to share some relevant insights with you regarding the different types of modern relationships.

We would also like to shed some light about the unconventional set-ups associated with them and how they can potentially work or not work for some couples.

Based On Our Experience

Some unconventional set-ups, such as open relationships, work at surprising levels for selected couples. However, others do not and cause the relationship to eventually fail.

As we deal with various cases, we’ve become spectators of the ever-changing behaviors and beliefs of some couples that conform to the changing times.

For this reason, we have learned how to understand and manage various unconventional relationship set-ups that work (or not work) for a lot of modern-day couples.

Allow us to share them with you.

The modern times have given rise to various forms of relationships that suit a wide array of gender orientation and sexual preferences.

Millennial Age Types of Relationships

Do people in this modern generation still believe in love, romance and relationships? Or do they simply want to have a partner they can party and share perfect pictures with on social media?

This generation which we refer to as the “Millennial Age” is slowly changing the standards of relationships. It makes us forget about enchanting fairy tale romances that we watch in Disney films.

What could be the reason why? Needless to say, it’s the social media and various dating methods such as dating apps and adult chat line numbers that cause them. All of these on top of rapid advances in technology.

Technological advancements, such as social media, have influenced the behavior of people.

The behavior and mindset of modern individuals are influenced by continuous technological advancements which significantly converts their lifestyle. This changes the traditional pattern of dating and conventional methods of managing relationships.

How Millennial People Perceive Relationships in this Modern Age

What people want nowadays is an official relationship status on social media with tons of likes and comments. We often see over-publicized engagements with perfect images that can drive other social media fanatics to wish they had the same “relationship goals”.

There is also no doubt that this generation has been afflicted to some extent with changing moral standards, quick answers and instant gratification.

This situation makes it easier for most people to rush into things and make quick judgments about other people’s lives and relationships.

Young people like to explore different relationship set-ups to accommodate their ever-changing needs.

Saying that relationship statuses have become confusing nowadays is an understatement.

The world of dating has become so complicated. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why people are starting to come up with new relationship statuses. The reason? They want to accommodate their various romantic set-ups.

However, that doesn’t necessarily make their preferences unacceptable by modern standards.

As mentioned earlier, various relationship set-ups are now gaining social acceptance. This include the ones that originated from phone sex lines, online dating sites and various adult entertainment platforms.

Modern Relationship Types

Being “Friends with Benefits” doesn’t involve demands, pressure and commitment.

1. Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits-type of relationships refer to having sexual relations with a friend. There is no deep emotional involvement and no label to the relationship other than just “friends”.

Such connections do not have pressure and are free from demands because there is no commitment or relationship involved. Two friends can just hang out and enjoy having consensual sex with each other in the same way they would do other things together.

2. Swingers

Swingers are individuals or couples who engage in “swinging activities” with other people. It is a form of polyamory or open relationship wherein one’s sexual inhibitions extend beyond the bedroom and go way past one’s committed partner.

Swinging includes bouts of sex and flirting outside the relationship. Swingers could be couples who are in a committed relationship or married. The exchange is mainly for sexual purposes and not emotional.

Polyamory is based on full consent and agreement between all parties involved.

3. Polyamory

The practice of Polyamory refers to consensual non-monogamy. It is a term that describes having multiple intimate relationships such as sexual and romantic with the consent and knowledge of all the people involved.

The practice of polyamory is also non-gender specific and defies the idea of exclusivity. This means that anyone can have multiple sexual, romantic or intimate partners of any gender identity.

4. Open Relationship

Open relationship is a mutual agreement between a couple who wants to stay together but has decided to engage in physical relationships with other people as well.

There is no fixed definition for an open relationship other than both parties being free to engage in sexual relationships with other people while keeping their relationship intact.

For asexual individuals, sex does not define a healthy relationship. Intimacy can be expressed in other ways other than sex.

5. Asexual Relationship

An asexual relationship, or simply asexuality, is a form of relationship that does not involve sexual activities or sexual desire.

Asexuality or “ace” is also considered as a sexual orientation wherein there is an absence of sexual interest for other people across all gender identities.

Although they lack sexual attraction to any gender, asexual individuals may still engage in purely romantic relationships. Affection is usually expressed by hugging and doing fun activities together.